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What Makes Meer & Company Different Than Other Denver Property Management Companies?

Bill Martin | Meer and Co - Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Meer & Company is a Certified Residential Property Management company through the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). We have been in business for over 30 years. Today, we’re explaining how we’re a little different than other Denver property management companies.

Property Management Denver: Industry Changes

As you can imagine from the current market, property management has changed significantly over the years. In the larger real estate field, property management is no longer an afterthought. There are many reasons for this. The most significant reason is that more people are renting today than ever before, and they’re renting by choice. In Denver, this could be due to relocation companies and executives who are coming here for assignments that last two or three, maybe four years. Their companies are choosing to rent homes rather than buying a home and then selling it later.

Property Management Companies Denver: Relationships

Over the course of these years, the property manager has developed the longest agency and client relationship in all of real estate. We have many clients of several years with multiple properties. At the heart of our business model is the client/agent relationship. Over time, boundaries - spoken and unspoken, visible and invisible, written and unwritten - can blur. We recently attended a presentation at the Colorado Property Management conference entitled How to keep your Client out of Trouble. One of our clients has a great sense of humor and reminds us every once in a while that while he doesn’t agree with everything we do, he knows we keep him out of trouble. We take that as a compliment.

Rental Property Management Denver: Earning Trust

We spend time with our clients trying to identify, clarify, and understand expectations. When that is done, we document them. We know that we need to earn your trust before we earn your business. If you have any interest in working with us, please contact us at Meer & Company. We answer the phones and respond to emails.